UN: Israel’s aggression raises the poor of Palestine

The Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Regional Director of Arab States at the United Nations Development Program, Abdullah Al-Dardari, predicted that the number of poor people in Palestine will increase by 45% by the end of the third month of the Israeli aggression on  Gaza Strip to 2.46 million people, compared to 1.8 million people before the aggression.

Al-Dardari noted at a conference to announce the expected initial losses on Palestine’s neighboring countries (Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon) that the increase in poverty rates, as a result of economic declines, usually needs time, but in the Palestinian case, the number of poor people is expected to increase by 660,000 people in the last three months only since the beginning of the Israeli war on the besieged Strip.

Al-Dardari summed up his presentation by saying that the figures “will not be able to express the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza,” no matter how accurate they may be.

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