UNICEF: 19,000 Palestinian children lost their parents in Gaza during displacement

The regional spokesperson of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Ammar Ammar, revealed the loss of about 19,000 children their families in Gaza during displacement due to the continuous Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October.

Ammar explained in a statement to the press that these huge numbers require tremendous efforts to protect them and reunite them with their families if they are still alive, stressing that UNICEF provides support to children who have lost their parents because this mission remains at the heart of its basics and tasks, despite all the complexities in the field.

He pointed out that the organization’s staff are identifying children who arrive at hospitals to search for their relatives, expressing concern about what he described as the catastrophic situation in Gaza, and its direct impact on the children of the Strip.

For the 76th consecutive day, the Zionist occupation continues its unprecedented attack on the Gaza Strip, leaving behind massive massacres and destruction, without the international community being able to provide protection to the population.

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