Gaza: 180 displaced women give birth every day

Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesperson of Palestinian Health ministry in Gaza Strip, reported that 180 displaced Palestinians in shelters give birth daily amid “unsafe and inhumane” conditions.

Several hundred thousand displaced children are at risk of health risks, as the Israeli war on Gaza has continued since the seventh of last October.

Al-Qudra added in a press conference on Monday that “there are 50,000 pregnant women in shelters without adequate food or health care.”

“About 900,000 people in these centers are at risk of dehydration, famine, digestive and respiratory diseases, skin diseases and anemia,” he said.

On the general health and humanitarian conditions in the shelters, al-Qudra said that they “have reached catastrophic levels,” speaking of “more than 1.8 million displaced people who are exposed to the risks of famine, extreme cold, disease outbreaks and epidemics.”

Al-Qudra warned that, “The wounded, sick, pregnant women and infants in northern Gaza are at risk of certain death.

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