Announcing “famine in Gaza Strip”

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that the “famine in Gaza Strip” is an Israeli policy to complete the genocide against the Palestinian people.

The ministry stressed in a statement that what the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip are exposed to is not only hunger and starvation, but a real famine in every sense of the word that threatens the lives of citizens at risk of starvation, and even daily numbers of them die because of it.

It also stressed that according to the standards adopted by the United Nations, citizens in Gaza Strip are exposed to famine and its risks and the spread of malnutrition.

The ministry called on the United Nations to officially declare that “Gaza Strip is suffering from a real famine that threatens the lives of citizens with death, due to the genocidal war and the imposed blockade.”

World Food Programme (WFP) has warned before that four times as many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip face catastrophic hunger as those in the world.

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