A New Western War: US against Yemeni leadership

Alexander Staver wrote in “Foine Observinée” about Washington’s mobilization to ignite a new war in the Arab region: Will a full-scale war break out?

Now the US’ declared target is the Yemeni Ansar Allah movement, also known as the Houthis, as the article stated: “The world press is teeming with materials related to the beginning of Operation “Guardian of Prosperity.”

It is clear that the Americans will act in their own unique way, and carrier groups will play the role of scarecrow, sailing at a sufficient distance from the targeting range, while alliance allies will conduct patrols near the coast.

It seems to me that the idea of imposing peace by force has been deliberately raised, not at all by Islamic countries. There are no such talks there. For example, the Iranian media understands and speaks about it well, stating that the war with the Yemeni leadership is only an “invitation” for Iran to go to war. It is similar to the strikes on Syria and Lebanon, which serve as invitations for these countries to get involved in the war.

Israel’s image has suffered immense losses, and at this point, the only way to make up for it would be to fight another “big war”—in any shape or form—with its neighbors.

Washington doesn’t think much about “new steps” in foreign policy. If a certain plan has worked practically somewhere and achieved its goals, a similar plan will be implemented in another similar situation.

The story is predicated on fear and intimidation. You have to obey since we have upped the stick. But they don’t follow orders; they’re not scared, for whatever reason. In any event, I think Yemen’s leadership has closely observed North Korea’s acts, and tough responses closely resemble the decisions of the North Korean leader.

what’s next?

In my opinion, nothing. The ships will conduct patrols in the Red Sea and the Strait, and it is unfortunate that civilian ships will sail around Africa, carrying goods for a longer time and at a higher cost. The media will publish threatening statements from both sides, and this will continue until the moment Israel declares the end of its operation in Gaza.

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