UN Rapporteur: Genocide massacres in Gaza are the most horrific horrors of the current century

The UN Special Rapporteur on HR in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, described the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip as “the most heinous horror of the twenty-first century.”

She stressed that “Israel committed many crimes” against the Palestinian people during its war on the Gaza Strip.

In an interview with Al Jazeera News Network, she noted that the Israeli government violated all the principles of international humanitarian law by committing “genocide and mass murder,” describing the killing of 30,000 Palestinians, including nearly 8,000 under the rubble, as nothing but a “complete extermination campaign.”

She denounced the Israeli army’s destruction of infrastructure and hospitals, pointing to the conduct of more than a thousand operations for children without anesthesia due to Israel’s prevention of the delivery of anesthetics to hospitals, saying: “What Israel is doing is brutal, which reflects the extent of cruelty and pain at this time.”

She added that Israel has “a clear intention to destroy an entire people by killing and creating conditions and psychological trauma that make the lives of the population impossible, in violation of the Genocide Convention.”

 She stressed the need for the international community to abide by its moral duty to prevent the crimes of genocide committed by Israel.

South Africa went to the International Court of Justice to begin formal proceedings against Israel’s commission of “crimes of genocide” against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip on Friday in order to condemn Israel and reach a binding decision to issue a decision on the risk of genocide in Palestine.

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