Significant losses for the occupation as the resistance enters the second phase

Coinciding with its transition to the second phase, on Saturday, Palestinian resistance factions carried out qualitative operations against the occupation in the fighting axes in Gaza.

Gaza – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Al-Qassam Brigades reported that its mujahideen clashed with a special force in the Alsheikh Radwan, resulting in the killing and injury of around 20 soldiers. Occupation gatherings in Kharaba Khuza’a, on the outskirts of Khan Yunis, were also bombed. Al-Qassam further confirmed targeting occupation gatherings and vehicles on several axes.

The fighting axes in Gaza are witnessing confrontations described as the most violent since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Strip nearly three months ago.

The escalation of confrontations comes as the occupation announced the deployment of the Seventh Brigade to the fighting axes in Khan Yunis, where it has been attempting to storm for weeks without significant progress. Meanwhile, the Palestinian resistance declared its transition from the defensive stage to the offensive.

These developments coincide with regional and international efforts to arrange a new deal that saves the occupation’s reputation, as it suffers increasing casualties among its forces amid fears of a crushing defeat.

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