Efforts to urge Europe to take the lead in securing Israel in the Red Sea

Coinciding with the United States’ withdrawal from the scene in the region, on Thursday, regional and international parties began urging the European Union to take the lead in securing ships associated with Israel in the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdullah Al Hatayla, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Saudi newspaper Okaz, revealed European consultations to form a naval task force in the Red Sea.

The President of the International Maritime Organization, Rasinio Dominguez, stated during his briefing to the Security Council that they have received European funding for the mission of securing the Red Sea.

The push of the European Union to the forefront of the confrontation in Yemen comes at a difficult time for the United States following its attack on the Yemeni navy and its concerns of potential Yemeni retaliation targeting its battleships.

The European Union is facing several divisions regarding the events in the Red Sea.

Countries such as Spain, France, and Italy have rejected participating in the American coalition to protect Israel. They have also thwarted multiple attempts to deploy European task forces to counter piracy from the Gulf of Aden to the Red Sea.

It remains unclear whether Gulf parties are trying to persuade Europeans to form a new alliance in light of American failure or if the US is exerting strong pressure for a symbolic leadership role.

It is worth noting that Europe is facing an unprecedented economic crisis since the start of the Russian war on Ukraine, amid fears of the repercussions of any escalation in the Red Sea due to its major economic damage to several sectors, most notably fuel.

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