Atrocious massacre by the Israeli enemy in Gaza

In a new massacre, the Israeli occupation army bombed a residential block in Al-Faloja, north of the Gaza Strip, that housed displaced individuals from eight families, leading to the martyrdom of seventy Palestinians.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The targeted house belongs to the “Abu Alba” family, who had recently returned to it after the withdrawal of Israeli vehicles. It was bombed by the occupation’s aircraft last night, with dozens of children and women inside.

An Israeli airstrike that involved two missiles fired within a two-minute interval struck the house.

The bodies of the martyrs were piled up in specific areas of the house, while its occupants seemed to be attempting to escape after hearing the sound of the first missile.

In this context, one of the survivors stated that “the occupation asked the displaced people who were in the Safatawi area to head to Jabalia,” pointing out that “the house was bombed without prior warning.”

Meanwhile, the shelling did not stop at the Abu Alba family’s house but also affected nearby houses, causing significant damage.

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