Gaza: 10,000 children and 7,000 women martyred since October 7th

Due to the ongoing genocide war waged by the Israeli occupation entity, the number of martyrs in the Strip has increased, according to the government media in Gaza.

Gaza – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The office clarified in a statement that “10,000 children and 7,000 women have been martyred due to the enemy’s crimes since the beginning of the aggression on the Strip,” adding that “the Israeli enemy has committed 1,915 massacres against civilians.”

Earlier today, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced an increase in the number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip as a result of the continuous Israeli aggression since October 7th, reaching 22,835 martyrs.

The ministry stated in a statement published on Telegram that on the 93rd day of the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza, the number of injured has risen to 58,416.

It was reported that the Israeli occupation entity committed 12 massacres against families in Gaza in the past 24 hours, resulting in 113 martyrs and 250 injuries.

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