US conflict regarding the status of the Red Sea

On Monday, the intensity of the conflict within the US administration over the Red Sea escalated.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

While Secretary of State Antony Blinken is trying to garner regional and international support to protect Israel, the US Defense Department affirms that navigation in the Red Sea is proceeding normally.

In meetings in Turkey, Greece, and Qatar, Blinken complained about the damage Yemeni operations in the Red Sea were causing to the world’s people, claiming that 20 percent of international shipping had been stopped. This is his fifth tour of the region since the beginning of the war, which he launched on Gaza in October of last year.

Brad Cooper, the US Navy Commander in the Middle East, swiftly refuted Blinken’s claims in a statement, stating that almost 1,500 cargo ships have passed through the Red Sea in a matter of days. The statements made by Cooper and Blinken reveal American efforts to persuade the world and its regional allies of the necessity of protecting it in the Red Sea in order to obtain funding and provide legal cover. However, they also reveal contradictions within the US narrative and disagreements within the administration, particularly in light of the fact that Blinken, who is Jewish, was arranging a military escalation, which Biden and his advisors rejected.

Regardless of the American objectives behind these contradictory statements, the fact remains that America has failed to promote its plan to militarize the Red Sea in order to protect Israel, as it stands in reality.

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