Targeting of a French battleship in the Red Sea

A French battleship came under a new attack off the western coast of Yemen on Tuesday.

This incident coincides with the start of French naval operations to escort ships to Israeli ports as part of the military mission of the European Union.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Reuters quoted a French naval official as saying that the attack on the French battleship was carried out by two drones while it was passing through the Red Sea.

Earlier in the day, the battleship had been accompanying a vessel belonging to the French shipping company “CMA CGM.”

The company, which resumed its operations in the Red Sea today after a few days of suspension, stated in a statement that the escort operation of the “Alsace” battleship for the cargo ship “John Fern” was conducted without any significant incidents during the passage of the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait.

It is believed that the drone attack aimed to send messages to the French navy, which had previously suspended its operations to escort shipping vessels during their passage in the Red Sea due to damage inflicted on one of its battleships in a previous Yemeni attack, especially since it returned from escorting the French vessel, which was permitted by Yemeni forces to pass through as it was not heading towards Israeli ports.

This operation indicates that French and Western battleships have effectively entered the list of Yemeni targets.

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