America reveals the largest naval and aerial attack on Yemen

The US revealed on Tuesday that it conducted the largest attack on Yemen, involving dozens of aircraft, battleships, and submarines.

This comes days after the one-month mark since the start of the American-British attack on Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Department of Defense published an infographic detailing the attack on Yemen from January 11 to February 11.

The statistics reveal that American forces carried out around 200 attacks on 10 Yemeni cities.

According to the statement, approximately 27 aircraft participated in these operations, including AWACS spy planes and various fighter jets.

The data also shows the participation of two nuclear submarines and 19 battleships and warships, including the aircraft carrier Eisenhower.

According to the data, the American bombardment focused on the provinces of Hudaydah, Sa’ada, Sana’a, Al-Jawf, Dhamar, Taiz, and Hajjah.

This information does not include the size of participation by other countries, such as Britain.

This is the first statistical report of its kind since the beginning of the aggression against Yemen, and it is further evidence of the United States’ failure to subdue Yemen despite the enormous force allocated to target its cities.

It is worth mentioning that Rear Admiral Brad Cooper, the Deputy Commander of the US Fifth Fleet, affirmed in an earlier television interview on Monday that the US Navy has not engaged in such confrontations since World War II.

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