Sana’a Defense: Bahrain’s Red and Arab security was properly reformulated after the abolition of the Zionist orgy

Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi, the Minister of Defense in the Sana’a government, affirmed today that the maritime security of the Red and Arabian Seas has been properly reformulated after the abolition of Zionist orgy in these seas, which has always been a constant source of threat.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Major General Al-Atifi emphasized that the operations of the armed forces against the Zionist entity will continue as long as the Zionist massacres in the Gaza Strip persist.

Al-Atifi clarified that Yemen and its armed forces do not target any ships that do not belong to the enemy entity and do not serve its agenda. He confirmed that the shipping lane remains secure for the rest of international navigation, highlighting Sana’a’s commitment to all international conventions and treaties that do not undermine Yemen’s dignity, sovereignty, or impose guardianship or hegemony.

He further stated that the Yemeni military equation for the naval forces has restored the identity of the Red and Arabian Seas, which had been abducted by the Zionists.

He sent a message to Washington, London, and the Zionist entity, stating that they should realize that the strategy of reducing geography and claiming guardianship over the seas has become rejected and unwelcome.

He emphasized that “Yemen is not concerned with America’s calculations as long as the US administration remains captive to Zionist calculations. America should not think that Yemen revolves in its orbit or that it can intimidate Yemenis with its weapons and power.”

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