New US propaganda against Yemen to incite the world

Pro-Western media outlets have published new propaganda claiming that Yemen has severed internet cables, a claim rejected by Yemeni officials, who affirmed that it is part of American targeting. They pointed out that Sana’a has consistently denied rumors about its intention to cut internet cables, stating that it does not have any plans to engage in such actions. The declared targets of its war are ships linked to Israel, before expanding to include American and British vessels.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The propaganda emerged in Israeli and Emirati media outlets following an announcement by SEACOM, the operator of submarine cables, reporting an interruption that affected the service in its cable system on February 24th. The cause or location of the interruption was not identified.

Observers warn of the US targeting Internet cables and falsely accusing Yemen of doing so, similar to its targeting of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in Europe.

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