US-British military movement in Yemen

The US and Britain intensified their military movement in Yemen on Monday, coinciding with their failure to halt military operations for the second consecutive month.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Commander of the US Central Command, Michael Kurilla, conducted a new tour in the region, including countries bordering the Red Sea.

According to a statement from the Central Command, Kurilla discussed, during his meetings with Egyptian, Jordanian, and Israeli military leadership, attacks by what it described as “the Houthis” in the Red Sea.

The American movement coincides with parallel British activity, as London has been hosting leaders of Yemeni factions loyal to the UAE in recent days.

According to the British Independent newspaper, the Transitional Council leaders and Tariq Saleh have sought military and political support for a ground escalation in Yemen.

This movement comes at a time when the two countries, participating in the coalition waging war on Yemen since mid-January, have failed to halt the Yemeni operations in the Red and Arabian Seas and the Gulf of Aden.

Both countries have launched hundreds of airstrikes and missile bombardments on several Yemeni cities without success.

The failed airstrikes, acknowledged by military leaders of both countries, have led to further Yemeni escalation, with US and British ships now added to the list of targets. This deepens the crisis and threatens economic deterioration in the two countries, which rely on energy purchases from the Gulf and have trade relations with East Asian countries.

It remains unclear whether this military movement aims to exert pressure or is part of preparations for a new escalation.

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