Sana’a Coastal Defense: We’ve confused all the American cards and possess further qualitative surprises

The commander of the coastal defense in the Sana’a forces, Major General Mohammed Ali Al-Qadri, confirmed that they have been able to impose a qualitative battle with tactical bases and superior military capabilities that were not anticipated by the countries of the Israeli ships’ protection alliance.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Major General Al-Qadri stated that the Yemeni armed forces “have transitioned from a position of warning status to almost direct targeting of Zionist, American, and British ships that aggressed against our country in the Red and Arabian Seas,” noting that Sana’a made this American-led alliance face its fate with the largest setback in the history of naval wars, according to his statement to “26 September Net.”

He revealed that Sana’a has “surprises that deter the enemy, regardless of their capabilities and naval superiority. American and British battleships are now under the fire of the Yemeni Navy in the Red and Arabian Seas and the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait,” explaining that Sana’a is pursuing a “long-term policy with all capabilities.”

The commander of the coastal defense in the Sana’a forces affirmed that “the Yemeni naval forces have become a source of concern for the countries of the Israeli ships protection alliance, and the heroic operations carried out in recent months have reflected the Yemeni fighter’s doctrine and high capabilities in targeting American ships and battleships in the Red Sea and the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait.”

He added, “The operations involving drones and naval missiles are expanding and heading in a way that reflects our confidence in achieving victory towards a longer range that may constitute the beginning of the end for American influence in the region.” He continued: “Yemen has also been able to confuse all the cards of the American administration and push them into an embarrassing corner. He will win and emerge with his head held high, and Washington and its allies will pay a heavy price for standing in the trenches of Zionist aggression.”

Brigadier General Al-Qadri mentioned that “yesterday’s operations reflected the intensity of airstrikes, the number of ballistic missiles and drones launched, and the density of military targets. They carry a clear message regarding the development of deterrence capabilities on the one hand and the failure of the American-British aggression’s airstrikes to affect the capabilities, capacities, and technology of the Yemeni armed forces on the other hand.”

He also referred to the statement of the commander of the US Fifth Fleet, who affirmed that America cannot single-handedly confront Yemen in the Red Sea. He considered it an American acknowledgment that the Yemeni naval forces possess significant influential cards and have further surprises.

Regarding the newly introduced submarine weapon into the naval forces, Major General Mohammed Al-Qadri stated that it is one of the surprises and indicates that “Yemen possesses many capabilities and technologies that enable it to manufacture weapons that no one expects. The American-Saudi aggression on Yemen, which has lasted for more than nine years, has not been able to destroy Yemen’s military capabilities but has actually contributed to innovation and manufacturing, leading to this advanced stage,” according to the source.

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