An important message from Sana’a to the world regarding the Red Sea

Sana’a reiterated this today, Thursday, holding the US and Britain accountable for the consequences of their militarization of the Red Sea in support of the Israeli enemy.

Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Mohammed Abdul-Salam, head of the national negotiating delegation, stated in a recent post on his official page that “America and Britain bear the consequences of their militarization of the Red Sea.”

He added, “We have repeatedly emphasized that Israeli ships or those heading to the occupied ports of Palestine are the targets, in order to exert pressure on the enemy entity to stop its aggression and siege on Gaza.”

He further explained, “America should have responded to the call of the world’s peoples and worked to compel Israel to halt its aggression, but it chose the option of escalation and expanding the conflict, contrary to all its claims of not widening the scope of confrontation.”

Abdul-Salam also reiterated the assertion that Yemeni forces do not target any vessel unless it has been warned not to cross. Some comply and retreat, while others refuse and are targeted, blaming America for the repercussions of everything happening in the Red Sea.

He sent a message to the international community, stating, “The world should not be deceived by America and forget the genocidal crimes committed by Israel against the people of Gaza, with full American support.”

He also emphasized that “the aggression against Gaza is distinctly American, and Israel is nothing but an executive tool.”

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