An attack targets an Italian battleship in the Red Sea

The Italian defense revealed on Tuesday that one of its battleships participating in the Israel protection alliance in the Red Sea was targeted.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Italian Chief of Staff Command announced in a statement that the attack targeted the destroyer “Cayo Dobleu,” claiming to have shot down two drones.

This attack is the second against an Italian ship since the European Union began its military deployment in the Red Sea as part of the American plan to militarize the maritime corridors in the region.

These developments indicate a Yemeni inclination to place Western countries on the list of entities hostile to Yemen, especially since the attack on an Italian battleship was preceded by similar attacks on German and French battleships.

The current list includes Israel, America, and Britain, as their battleships and vessels are subjected to consecutive attacks almost daily in the Red and Arabian Seas.

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