A new clash in the Red Sea involving French helicopters

The European mission in the Red Sea revealed on Wednesday the details of new confrontations with Yemeni forces.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The mission stated in a statement that helicopters belonging to the French Navy participated in clashes with drones that were targeting a French battleship.

The mission, whose leaders are based in Greece, clarified that the helicopter opened fire with machine guns towards the drone.

These details indicate that the drones were not in an attacking but rather reconnaissance mode.

This operation is part of a series of clashes announced by Western countries participating in the European Union mission known as “SPEEDS” since deploying their fleets in the Red Sea in last February.

These developments indicate the continued monitoring by Yemeni forces of Western military movements in the Red Sea, especially since the European Union has previously informed Sana’a that its deployment is defensive to protect Western ships and not offensive.

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