By “long-range” weapons.. America reveals details of new clashes in the Red Sea

The US forces revealed on Thursday the behind-the-scenes of new confrontations in the Red Sea, where Yemeni forces tested new weapons.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command, in a statement, reported that one of its warships engaged in a clash with “long-range” drones, claiming to have intercepted four of them.

The statement did not mention the targeted US vessel or its status, leaving room for speculation regarding the possibility of it being targeted and requiring maintenance.

This is the first time the US forces have mentioned the phrase “long-range” since the clashes with Yemeni forces began in November.

It is unclear whether the Yemeni forces aimed to send a message to the US forces through this operation using the new drones or if it signifies the entry of new aircraft into the theater of operations. However, its timing coincided with statements by the US fleet commander in the Red Sea, where he spoke about the lightness of the attacks, indicating that the message confirms that surprises are yet to come.

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