Organization: Coalition factions committed over 800 crimes against children and women in the West Coast

A new statistic on the victims of the Saudi-Emirati coalition’s war on Yemen has been revealed, indicating that their number reached more than 50,025 dead and wounded civilians.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Intisaf Organization clarified in its report, titled “9 Years of Criminality… And the Aggression Continues,” that “the number of fatalities reached 18,381, including 4,123 children and 2,486 women. Additionally, the number of injured individuals reached 31,644, including 4,992 children and 3,057 women.”

The organization pointed out that the coalition aircraft carried out “2,932 cluster airstrikes throughout the past nine years, resulting in approximately 9,000 civilian casualties, most of whom were women and children.” It also noted that the coalition aircraft used “over 3,187,630 American, British, Pakistani, and Brazilian cluster munitions spread across most provinces.”

The coalition and its factions committed “over 800 crimes against children and women in the West Coast, all of which involved kidnapping and rape,” according to the organization. It called for “an immediate cessation of the unjust aggression and blockade on Yemen in all its forms” and urged the United Nations to “revoke the decision to remove the aggression coalition from the list of child killers and abusers, as it continues to commit massacres against women and children in Yemen.”

The Intisaf Organization demanded the formation of “an independent international fact-finding committee to investigate all crimes and violations committed since the beginning of the aggression in March 2015.”

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