Field executions… Painful testimonies from those besieged in Al-Shifa Hospital

Palestinians revealed to local media today, Monday, after the withdrawal of the occupying entity’s forces from Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its surroundings, painful accounts of what happened in the hospital during the siege.

Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Government Media Office in Gaza stated that the occupation army killed 400 civilians and hid their bodies in the grounds of the Al-Shifa Complex and its surroundings in the northern Gaza Strip. They also arrested 300 individuals, while more than 100 remain missing.

Earlier, the occupation army withdrew from inside Al-Shifa Medical Complex and the surrounding areas, leaving behind massive destruction and a humanitarian catastrophe that lasted for 14 days. Additionally, they set fire to and destroyed the buildings of the complex and most of the surrounding homes.

A woman near the hospital recounted the horrors she witnessed during the hospital siege, stating that the occupation army asked them to leave to the south after preventing the men from exiting.

She said that the occupying forces were shooting at people with their hands tied and then burying them all in a single grave they dug in the same place where they killed them.

With tears, she added that a large number of men from her family were martyred, while others were forcefully taken to an unknown location after being arrested from inside and around the hospital.

The Israeli occupation forces completely withdrew from inside Al-Shifa Hospital and the surrounding residential areas, heading towards the southern areas of Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood, southwest of Gaza City.

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