Killing and injuring citizens in the explosion of aggression’s remnants in Marib

Today, in the district of Sirwah in Marib Province, a citizen was killed, and another was injured due to the explosion of an object from the remnants of the war of the Saudi-Emirati coalition and their factions on Yemen.

Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The provincial police explained that the explosion of an object from the aggression’s remnants in the Al-Damaji area of Wadi Habab resulted in the death of the citizen Salem Ayesh Mahboub and the serious injury of the citizen Jarallah Al-Damaji, according to the Sana’a Security Media.

Reports indicate that dozens of civilian casualties have fallen “in the Sirwah district due to the remnants of the aggression, including bombs, missiles, and mines, during the past period,” according to the source.

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