A drone attack targets an Israeli naval base in the occupied Umm Al-Rashrash

Israeli media outlets circulated reports today, Monday, about a drone attack targeting an Israeli naval base in occupied “Umm Al-Rashrash.”

Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

This coincides with the Israeli enemy army’s admission at dawn on Monday of the damage caused to what it called “one of the buildings” in the occupied city of Umm Al-Rashrash, “Eilat,” due to a drone attack.

The statement from the enemy army, which did not provide any further details, did not specify whether there was any attempt to intercept the drones or not, while other Israeli media outlets admitted a drone attack targeting a “naval base in Eilat.”

The website “Israel National News” quoted Israeli settlers as saying that they “heard explosions” early Monday morning following the sounding of alarm sirens in occupied Umm Al-Rashrash.

It is worth mentioning that Israeli sites in the occupied city of Umm Al-Rashrash (Eilat) remained a constant target of the forces of Sana’a, whether through drones or ballistic missiles, throughout the recent period, in the context of their support of the Palestinian resistance heroes.

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