Yemeni American clashes following the encirclement of the aircraft carrier in the Red Sea

Direct clashes between Yemeni and American forces occurred in the Red Sea on Tuesday after gunboats surrounded the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower.”

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Navigation sources revealed the behind-the-scenes details of the confrontations, which are the first of their kind and indicate a development in Yemen’s strategy to besiege Israel and confront its allies.

The sources reported that elements of the Yemeni Navy, aboard an armed speedboat, intercepted an American cargo ship just 20 miles away from the “USS Eisenhower” aircraft carrier, which is stationed in the southern Red Sea. They also mentioned that the frigate “Flynn,” accompanying the “USS Eisenhower,” attempted to engage with the Yemeni forces.

The clashes took place near the Farasan Island archipelago, south of Saudi Arabia.

The sources indicated that the confrontations lasted for a long period before American reinforcements arrived in the area, confirming the safe return of the Yemeni Navy elements.

These direct confrontations, the first of their kind and in such proximity to the American aircraft carrier “USS Eisenhower,” reveal a change in the strategy of the Yemeni forces, which have relied on drones and ballistic missiles. It is an indication that the “USS Eisenhower” has become the primary target for Yemeni forces at present.

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