Abdul Salam: Our support for the Palestinian people has Islamic, ethical, and humanitarian dimensions

Mohammed Abdul Salam, the head of the Sana’a delegation in political negotiations, stated that “America’s goal in its attacks on Yemen is to increase economic and humanitarian pressures and problems on Yemen,” stressing the steadfastness of Yemen’s position in supporting the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdul Salam emphasized, during his meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian in the Sultanate of Oman, that Yemen will not back down an inch from its principled positions, reiterating that the support provided to the Palestinian people has Islamic, ethical, and humanitarian dimensions.

He stated that Sana’a informed the rest of the countries not involved in the aggression against Gaza that “their ships in the Red Sea are not our target, and we have demonstrated this in practice despite American-Zionist propaganda.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdollahian considered the American and British attacks on Yemen a violation of its sovereignty and part of his complete support for the crimes of the Zionists in Gaza. He praised Yemen’s “brave support for the oppressed Palestinian people, stemming from their magnanimity and zeal.”

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