Massacre crimes continues in Gaza

The number of martyrs due to the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces at dawn today against a family in Rafah rose to 11 after three family members died of their wounds. Eyewitnesses spoke of the effects of the shelling and the crater caused by the strike, and the recovery of martyrs from under the room.

 According to eyewitnesses, the family was displaced to the area three months ago, and lived in one room where 12 members of the family lived, and the occupation targeted them with a raid and killed them all while they slept.

Palestinian health Ministry in Gaza Strip announced that the number of victims of the Zionist aggression on Gaza rose to 33,970 martyrs and 76,770 wounded.

It added that the Zionist enemy committed during the past 24 hours 7 massacres that killed 71 martyrs and 106 injured, and pointed out that thousands of citizens are still missing under the rubble and in the streets, and that the occupation prevents ambulance and rescue crews from reaching them.

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