Transformation in Houthi operations by targeting a supply line for US forces in the Red Sea

The US revealed on Thursday a new shift in Yemen’s naval operations against its forces stationed in the Red Sea, a move that could threaten its future influence in the region.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command acknowledged the shelling by what it described as “Houthi” targeting the giant cargo ship, MV Yorktown.

The US confirmed that the ship belongs to them and is operated by an American crew of 18 sailors.

According to media reports, the ship is owned by the US Department of Defense “Pentagon” and is designated for logistical supply to US forces in the Red Sea.

Experts in Sana’a believe that the precise targeting of the ship carries a message this time, and they expect that future operations will escalate to the point of sinking.

Targeting one of the main supply lines for US forces in the Red Sea marks an unprecedented shift in Yemeni operations, which appear to be adopting a tactical approach in their new strategy of targeting ships, further adding to the pain of Americans in their current battle to break the blockade on Israel.

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