German frigate responds to Houthi’s call and withdraws from the Red Sea

The German frigate “FGS Hessen” has departed back to its country after 58 days of presence in the Red Sea alongside an American and British coalition to protect “Israeli” navigation. This comes as Yemeni forces impose a tight blockade on the frigate due to the ongoing aggression by the occupation entity on the Gaza Strip.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The website “the warzone,” affiliated with the Pentagon and U.S. National Security, specialized in studying military affairs and foreign policies, quoted German Ministry of Defense spokesperson Michael Steimel, saying, “This… may be the most dangerous deployment of the German navy in years.”

The website reported that the frigate, which had been countering the drones launched by Sana’a forces, accidentally shot down an American MQ-9 Reaper drone during its time in the Red Sea, indicating the state of confusion and terror faced by the frigate.

According to the website, the French Navy also announced that the frigate “Acquitaine” of the “Alsace” class has returned to its original port after a 71-day mission that witnessed an unprecedented level of Houthi attacks with drones and missile attacks.

Captain Jerome Henry, the frigate’s commander, confirmed to the French newspaper “Le Figaro” that the Houthis in the Red Sea have shown “unrestrained violence,” adding that the French navy has not witnessed “this level of armament” in a long time, according to “TWZ.”

The website noted that they did not expect “this level of threat; there was an astonishingly high level of unrestrained violence, and the Houthis have no hesitation in using low-flying drones over the water to explode them near commercial ships and launch ballistic missiles.”

The website “the warzone” also quoted Yemen’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Azzi as saying that the German frigate’s departure from the Red Sea is “a step in the right direction.” This comes in the aftermath of a call made by the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, last Thursday, urging European countries to withdraw their warships from the Red Sea.

A few days ago, Sana’a forces reaffirmed their continued prevention of all ships heading to Israeli ports from navigating the Arab and Red Seas until they bring in what our steadfast brothers in the Gaza Strip need in terms of food and medicine.

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