The leader of Ansar Allah speaks about Yemeni operations in support of Gaza and their impact on the enemy’s economy

The leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, revealed the total number of targeted “Israeli,” American, and British ships in support of the Palestinian people. He stated that their forces targeted 102 “enemy-affiliated” ships during 202 days of the occupation entity’s aggression on Gaza.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Al-Houthi affirmed in his weekly address, dedicated to discussing the latest developments, that this number of targeted ships is a “important achievement, a large number, and evidence of the extent of effectiveness and success with the support and aid of God Almighty.”

The leader of Ansar Allah pointed out that “the American naval presence has contracted, and many of its warships have disappeared to spread around the edges of the Red Sea, and that the Yemeni operations have not decreased as the Americans claim to present it as an achievement, but rather the movement of its naval ships is what has decreased.”

He added that the Americans have come to “rely on hiding and seeking refuge with the Europeans, pushing them to areas where they dare not be present,” explaining that the movement of American ships, which used to pass through the Red Sea, has decreased by 80%, and the Americans have replaced their movement with distant routes like the Indian Ocean. Despite that, they face an increasing danger day after day.

Regarding the repercussions of Yemeni operations on the “enemy,” Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi said, “The insurance costs for securing a single ship for some companies in America reached 50 million dollars, which is unprecedented and poses a real problem for them.” He also highlighted that the port of Eilat in “Umm Al-Rashrash” has completely halted, as acknowledged by someone who describes himself as the executive director of that Israeli port.

Al-Houthi commented on the withdrawal of some European countries’ battleships from the Red Sea, saying, “We hope that the remaining European warships will withdraw from the Red Sea after some of them have already withdrawn.” He added, “As for the British, their movement has significantly decreased, and the British economic losses are escalating, as indicated by reports within Britain that reveal the level of increasing losses.”

He pointed out that the British Chamber of Commerce has revealed that Yemeni operations have caused damage to 55% of exporters in Britain, which is a major victory due to the foolishness of the British. He further stated, “Yemeni operations have led to a 300% increase in container shipping costs in Britain and significant delays in delivering goods.”

Al-Houthi affirmed that the Americans seek to implicate others when discussing what is happening in the Red Sea, noting that Britain has proven “along with the US a miserable failure in trying to stop or limit Yemeni attacks”.

The leader of the Ansar Allah movement stipulated the cessation of their operations towards Israeli navigation and those related to it, on stopping the crimes of genocide in Gaza and ending the siege, and stressed that the longer the aggression lasts, the more this will be reflected in the enemy’s economy.

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