Once again… Yemenis rally in “million-man” marches in support of Gaza

Yemenis took to the streets in massive popular marches in the capital Sana’a and several other provinces on Friday, under the slogan “With Honorable Gaza… Mobilization, and Preparedness.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The statement of the marches, which were described as “million-man,” blessed the “jihadist operations of the Palestinian resistance” and expressed the Yemeni people’s denunciation of “the major crimes revealed by mass graves.”

The statement emphasized the importance of continuing popular and official activities and events in support of the Palestinian people at all levels. It also stressed the importance of “continuing mobilization and recruitment to training and rehabilitation camps with great momentum and high morale, graduating tens of thousands of fighters.”

The Yemeni crowds demanded the “opening of safe land corridors that allow them to access and directly participate in the battle alongside the mujahideen in occupied Palestine.”

The statement blessed “the ongoing military operations of the Yemeni armed forces in the promised conquest battle and the holy jihad, and engaging in confrontation at sea, calling for more operations.” It also praised “the continuous and painful operations of the enemy at the hands of the mujahideen in Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq.”

The popular crowds renewed the call “to our nation and the free people of the world to activate the economic boycott weapon against American and Israeli goods and supporting companies.”

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