World Food: 90% of Gaza’s population displaced and famine engulfs the Strip

The spokeswoman for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Abeer Atifa, revealed that about 90 per cent of the population of Gaza Strip is displaced, with the city of Rafah, which covers 20 per cent of the Strip, hosting more than a million people living in tents, streets and shelters that lack basic services.

Atifa said, in statements that after 6 months of war, famine is closer than ever in northern Gaza, children suffer from acute malnutrition or wasting, and 70% of the population faces catastrophic famine, and have exhausted all coping strategies such as eating fodder or selling their belongings to buy food, and they are often destitute and some of them died of starvation.

WFP and its partners have enough ready-made food supplies to feed 2.2 million people across Gaza, but a ceasefire must be halted and Israel must allow more roads and crossings into Gaza to be opened for aid delivery. “The only way to stop famine is to deliver food supplies daily and distribute massive and regular aid”.

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