Euro-Med: Israel uses bombs in Gaza to melt the bodies of victims

The Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor on Tuesday called for the formation of an international investigation committee on the weapons used by Israel in Gaza Strip, including the possibility of using bombs that generate extreme heat that evaporates or melt the bodies of the victims.

Testimonies received by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor reveal a horrific new level of killing in the Strip victims whose bodies appear to have evaporated or melted as a result of Israel’s bombing of residential homes. It added, the Israeli army’s use of massive destruction in entire residential squares during its genocidal war on the Gaza Strip has resulted in a shockingly high number of casualties. This raises fears about the potential use of “thermal weapons”, or what are known as “vacuum bombs”.

In its statement, the Observatory explained that, Thousands of victims remain missing, either because it was impossible to recover them from under the debris in light of insufficient equipment and technical know-how, or because their bodies were hidden either by the Israeli army or no longer exist. A number of the victims killed in these horrifying Israeli raids on residential buildings have vanished and may have turned to ashes.

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