As the fourth phase of Yemeni operations begins, major maritime shipping companies increase their fees

Britain revealed on Wednesday a new increase in maritime shipping fees due to the escalating risks of Yemeni operations.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:
The British website “Loadstar,” which specializes in maritime shipping affairs, reported that Maersk, the Danish shipping company, one of the major maritime shipping companies, is preparing to raise container shipping fees. This is attributed to the widening risks in the Red Sea and the doubling of shipping costs.

The company had anticipated this move with a statement confirming the widening scope of risks threatening maritime shipping.

The company forecast a 20% reduction in commodity capacity between Europe and Asia over the coming period.

Although the company had previously raised maritime shipping costs by 400% during the previous stages of Yemeni operations that began in November last year, this recent step indicates an escalating pace of concerns regarding the repercussions of the fourth phase, which Yemen announced last weekend. Companies are now taking new measures to confront these challenges.

Among these measures, according to Maersk’s recent statement, is reducing the proportion of ships’ container loads, allowing them to obtain double speed to avoid Yemeni attacks.

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