Sanitation races raids to claim the lives of Gazans

It is no longer only the fear of bloody Israeli raids that frightens the people of Gaza, as the bitter living conditions created by the war and the deliberate Israeli policies to suffocate Gaza have turned their lives into an unbearable hell.
The crisis of sewage disposal, as well as the collection of garbage from homes, shelters and informal tent areas, is a very difficult dilemma, in light of capabilities lack and the increasing number of population pressure on the competent work systems in local authorities and in the departments of UNRWA in this matter, which threatens a dangerous spread of infectious diseases.
The disposal of sewage or garbage has become a problem faced by everyone who resides in those areas, which the local authorities have not been able to perform their role as required, due to the lack of capabilities, whether garbage collection vehicles, and the fuel necessary to operate them, as well as the lack of a sufficient number of employees, and the occupation authorities have been preventing, for more than two weeks, the entry of fuel supplies as required into Gaza Strip, after closing Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings.

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