How Gazans Cook Their Food

The ongoing Israeli war has forced the residents of Gaza Strip to burn paper bags, sponges, cartons, plastic containers and everything that reaches their hands to light fires and cook food for themselves and their children.

Women in Gaza Strip collect plastic papers and containers to light fires and cook for their children, despite their awareness of the danger of smoke from burning these materials, as the lack of fuel and the occupation shelling of residents’ homes forced them to resort to this method to satisfy the hunger of their families.

According to one medical worker, the health damage of inhalation of smoke, including the burning of these substances by children, expectant mothers and the elderly, often manifests itself in respiratory problems.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 11,000 people are at risk of death if the spread of waste leads to epidemics, while  Gaza municipality earlier announced the accumulation of 100,000 tons of waste in Gaza City alone.

For its part, the United Nations pointed to the accumulation of 270,000 tons of solid waste in various areas of Gaza Strip, warning of an environmental disaster.

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