Yemen reveals America’s reduction of its ships in the Red Sea and intensifies operations against the latter, Washington discusses post-withdrawal

Yemeni forces intensified their operations against the remaining American battleships in the Red Sea on Tuesday, coinciding with the revelation of America’s reduction of its deployed battleships in the area for months as Washington begins preparations for the post-withdrawal phase.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command admitted that it had been subjected to a new attack, the second within 24 hours.

In a statement, they reported that their battleships clashed in an aerial attack, claiming to intercept one of the drones in the Red Sea.

This is the second attack admitted by US forces since Monday evening, while Yemeni forces confirmed that they targeted American battleships in a new operation.

This latest operation comes at a time when Sana’a disclosed America’s reduction of its frigates in the Red Sea.

Hussein Al-Azzi, Deputy Foreign Minister in the Salvation Government, stated that the remaining ships should depart as soon as possible, considering ending the militarization of the sea to be beneficial for navigation.

Al-Azzi emphasized that Sana’a has affirmed since the beginning of the battle that it will remain the first safety valve for navigation, considering what it is doing as a moral and humanitarian duty until the genocide in Gaza stops.

These developments occur as the US has begun arrangements for the post-withdrawal phase in the region. American media outlets have published further details about the activities led by the Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense in the Gulf, aimed at forming a defensive alliance to counter what they described as “Houthis” aerial and maritime attacks.

Military officials have made frequent visits to the Saudi capital and other Gulf countries, coinciding with joint military exercises conducted by US forces in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan as part of the formation of a new alliance in the region to protect Israeli occupation.

Washington has also previously decided to actually divert ships transporting American gas to Asian markets via the Cape of Good Hope instead of the Red Sea.

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