The British fleet’s giant bids farewell to the Red Sea permanently after repeated maintenance

Britain announced on Tuesday the end of service for its latest destroyer in the Red Sea. This comes after repeated maintenance operations due to Yemeni missile attacks.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British Ministry of Defense stated in a statement that they have decided to permanently withdraw the destroyer HMS Diamond, claiming to arrange for its replacement with a less efficient one.

Although Britain has withdrawn the Diamond destroyer several times for maintenance since its deployment in the Red Sea at the beginning of the year, the decision to end its services indicates that the destroyer has reached a stage where rehabilitation becomes difficult with concerns about its sinking.

The participation of Diamond in countering Yemeni attacks has declined in recent months. Britain has not announced any operations conducted by the destroyer in the Red Sea or the Gulf of Aden since the last time it withdrew the destroyer for maintenance, although the Yemeni operations have recently escalated in pace, with the escalation being upgraded to the fourth phase.

Diamond is one of several foreign destroyers and frigates deployed in the Red Sea for various missions aimed at breaking the Yemeni blockade on the Israeli occupation. Some have been withdrawn, while others have disappeared without any recorded operations.

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