Yemen sinks first ship in Mediterranean operations

Britain confirmed on Tuesday that Yemen had sunk a new cargo ship.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British maritime security company, Ambrey, quoted the ship’s crew as confirming that it had begun to tilt on one side as water flowed into it.

The company indicated that the crew issued a distress call for immediate evacuation.

It also confirmed that the ship was hit by three Yemeni missiles during its sailing in the Red Sea.

The ship, according to maritime sources, is known as “LAAX” and is a bulk cargo vessel flying the Marshall Islands flag, operated by the company “Grehel” based in Greece.

According to media reports, the ship was in route to the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, which indicates that it was targeted due to its violation of the Yemeni navigation ban to Israeli ports in the Mediterranean, which Yemen announced this as part of the fourth phase of the escalation.

Although Yemen sinking cargo ships associated with Israel and its allies is not the first, “LAAX” is the first to be sunk in the context of fourth-phase operations. It is one of several ships that have been recently targeted for violating the Yemeni ban in the Mediterranean.

The operation marks a new turning point in the course of the Yemeni operations, which started in the Red Sea and expanded to the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and now the Mediterranean, as it will push companies to review their accounts when carrying out maritime operations to the occupation ports on the Mediterranean.

The timing of the operation sends a strong message from Yemen to the occupation and its allies, especially as it is a response to the recent Rafah massacre, which has escalated in the past 48 hours with the announcement of Yemeni forces carrying out a series of operations against foreign ships and battleships associated with Israel.

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