Burning plastic, sponges and fabrics and their impact on health in Gaza

After the gas cuts and the scarcity of firewood and timber, people in the Gaza Strip began burning plastic, sponges and fabrics to meet their daily needs. This has a profound impact on their daily lives and health, especially children and pregnant women.

According to medical staff, the health damage of inhalation of smoke, including the burning of these substances by children, expectant mothers and the elderly, often manifests itself in respiratory problems.

Inhalation of smoke of all kinds causes narrowing of the airways due to lack of oxygen, as well as causes chronic cough, and increases the chances of cancer.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 11,000 people are at risk of death if the spread of waste leads to epidemics, while the Gaza municipality earlier announced the accumulation of 100,000 tons of waste in Gaza City alone.

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