After a four-hour confrontation… America admits the Houthi’s superiority in recent confrontations

The US forces revealed on Wednesday the details of a new confrontations in the Red Sea that ended with the victory of the “Houthis.”

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command, in a statement, disclosed that the confrontations lasted from 4 am until 1 pm on Tuesday, during which approximately ten drones and ballistic missiles were launched.

The statement clarified that out of five missiles fired, three targeted the vessel “LAAX,” a bulk cargo vessel flying the Marshall Islands flag, operated by the company “Grehel” based in Greece. The attack caused damage to the ship, and the British company, Ambrey, reported that part of it sank.

The US command did not clarify the targets of the remaining drones and ballistic missiles but confirmed that they posed a threat to American and allied ships and battleships, indicating that the remaining missiles targeted US battleships.

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