The escalation of confrontations on the border with Sana’a threatens a military response to Saudi Arabia’s resumption of the war

The intensity of clashes on the Yemeni-Saudi border increased on Wednesday amid expectations of a collapse in the truce due to Saudi Arabia resuming its war through the economic gateway.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Saudi media outlets and activists circulated reports of the killing of three soldiers in clashes on the border, while Yemeni media in Sana’a confirmed the escalation of the pace of Saudi bombing on the border villages.

Although it is not yet clear whether these confrontations resulted from the response of the border tribes to the repeated Saudi attacks or the response of the Yemeni forces, their timing indicates new developments in the file of the Saudi war on Yemen, which has experienced relative calm since the truce agreement nearly two years ago.

These developments come at a time when leaders of the Ansar Allah movement have hinted at a military response to recent Saudi movements in southern Yemen, most notably activating the economic war again.

In a tweet on his official page, a member of the political bureau of the movement, Hizam Al-Assad, considered the activation of the economic card in Yemen as part of American-British arrangements to prompt Saudi Arabia to resume the war on Yemen after their naval battle against Yemen failed.

Al-Assad’s tweet is part of a campaign by leaders in Sana’a that hinted at the possibility of a military escalation in response to recent Saudi movements.

This campaign comes following the decision by the Central Bank in Aden to monopolize financial transfers to banks headquartered in Aden as part of its attempts to pressure banks in Sana’a to relocate their headquarters.

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