The Supreme Political Council threatens the American coalition with punishment in response to its aggression

The Supreme Political Council “the highest authority in Sana’a” has threatened to retaliate against the US-British aggression on Yemen, saying that the aggression that has targeted civilian areas and resulted in the martyrdom and injury of dozens will not go unpunished.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In a meeting, the Supreme Political Council affirmed that “the momentum of the fourth phase is continuously escalating, and it is more appropriate for America and Britain to put an end to the Zionist massacres in Rafah and the Gaza Strip.” They considered that “the millions of crowds, only hours after the aggressive airstrikes, confirm the steadfastness of Yemen’s supportive stance towards Gaza, regardless of the challenges.”

Regarding the economic war being waged against Sana’a, the Council stated that “the American escalation in its economic war against Yemen will fail,” advising Saudi Arabia to distance itself from “getting involved in playing the economic card.”

The Supreme Political Council, in a meeting chaired by Mehdi Al-Mashat, pointed out that “the position taken by the Central Bank in Aden comes in the context of pressuring Yemen to dissuade it from its positions supporting the oppression of the Palestinian people,” according to Saba News Agency.

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