US arrangements for withdrawal from the Red Sea and efforts for an agreement with China regarding the Indian Ocean

The US has initiated intensive movements on Saturday to arrange the phase after withdrawing its military fleets from the region, coinciding with the rising pace of escalation, especially in Yemen, with its most prominent battleships being placed on the target list.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Associated Press revealed arrangements for the withdrawal of the “Eisenhower” warfare group, which includes four other warships, within a month. It pointed out differences between US Navy leaders and the Secretary of Defense regarding the group’s presence in the region.

According to the US Central Command, the presence of the warfare group is deemed important in the region at this time and conveys reassurance to maritime shipping stakeholders. However, naval leaders emphasize the necessity of withdrawing the battleships for maintenance and providing rest for soldiers who have been there for months and face almost daily attacks.

Although US officials are trying to portray the withdrawal of the “Eisenhower” fleet as part of routine procedures, the timing of discussing the withdrawal shortly after similar maintenance in the US indicates that the decision to withdraw is prompted by the increasing attacks against it, with Yemen naming it as a primary target.

The US arrangements are not limited to the Red Sea. The Indian Ocean, which also witnesses Yemeni operations almost on a daily basis, has been placed on the agenda of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for the first time in history. The US Department of Defense reported that Austin held a direct meeting with his Chinese counterpart on the sidelines of a defense forum in Singapore.

The meeting primarily focused on discussing the situation in the Indian Ocean. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Secretary stated that the Indian Ocean is of great importance to his country, and Washington considers its stability as its own as well.

Although the Indian Ocean has not witnessed tensions between the two parties, considering it as the sphere of influence of India, an ally of America, raising the issue indicates an attempt by Washington to mitigate Yemeni operations by assigning the task of securing its ships to China. This comes as China recently changed its position regarding the Red Sea based on negotiations with Washington, which made new promises regarding maintaining a “unified China” amid escalating tensions between Beijing and Taiwan with the election of a new president who is anti-China.

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