The Arab National Conference: Yemen has established an economic equation in the face of the West

The General Secretariat of the Arab National Conference confirmed on Saturday that the Yemeni blockade on the Zionist occupation entity has established an economic equation against Western policy. It emphasized that they must pay a high price in exchange for protecting the entity.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Mohammed Al-Bashir, a member of the conference’s secretariat, stated that the Yemeni maritime blockade of the entity has established an economic equation against Western policy based on the exploitation of our Arab nation’s resources, according to his interview with the “Arab Journal” newspaper.

Al-Bashir affirmed that “Yemen’s support for Gaza and other fronts of the resistance axis has proven that this entity can be eliminated, and it has proven to the West that it has no presence in this region,” according to the source.

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