A million-strong rally in Sana’a in support of Gaza and the options of the Yemeni forces

The Yemeni capital, Sana’a, witnessed a renewed human flood today, Friday, in support of the Palestinian people and their brave resistance under the slogan “With Gaza… Developing Capabilities and Escalating Operations.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The protesters chanted slogans of defiance against the American-British aggression alliance and the enemy entity. They expressed their support for the axis of resistance and praised the joint operations between Sana’a forces and the Iraqi resistance, and chanted slogans of anger against the American-Western alliance against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region.

A statement issued by the march condemned “the dangerous escalation of continuous Israeli crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people for the past 8 months, committing major massacres and heinous crimes against those suffering from hunger, displaced by the destructive American Israeli killing machine in Gaza.”

The statement denounced “the desecration of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the offensive and obscene insults against the Seal of the Prophets, peace be upon him, which represent a reprehensible violation of holy sites and an offense to every Muslim.” It also condemned the continuous enemy crimes against the lives and properties of Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The statement affirmed “full support for the front of resistance and jihad in Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq,” expressing pride in the heroic armed forces’ escalation of operations and development of capabilities and systems.

The statement called on “the weak, silent, complicit, and colluding Arab regimes participating in the crimes of the Zionist enemy to review their positions, break their silence, and take serious action in supporting the Palestinian right and practical support for the Palestinian cause, and to sever diplomatic relations with the enemy.”

The demonstrators also reaffirmed “steadfastness in their supportive stance towards the Palestinian people and the commitment to ongoing activities, mass mobilization, marches, and facing the conspiracies and pressures exerted by the American and British against our people militarily, security-wise, economically, politically, and media-wise.”

The statement renewed “a call for boycotting American and Israeli goods and the companies that support them,” warning regional and local tools of the enemy against persisting in their aggressive steps against our people, our country, and our economy, stressing that we will not stand idly by regarding their crimes and conspiracies.

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