The Saudi movements continue to make Marib a new emirate of al Qaeda

These moves began with great support of Riyadh to appoint Abu al-Hassan al-Ma’ribi as the leader of Alqaeda, a successor to the leader, Qasim Al-Rimi, whom the United States announced earlier on his killing. However, what is the impact of this step on the most important oil province in Yemen, and its tribal groupings?

Exclusive -Alkhabr Alyemani:

Over the first decade of the second millennium
Ma’rib remained the secret hideout for al Qaeda leaders, as the organization was keen to keep this province out of sight through not implementing any moves that raise doubts about the existence of his leaders. However, many of his leaders were killed by American raids, the first of which was Abu Ali al-Harthi, Who targeted his drone vehicle as the United States started operations against the organization’s branch in Yemen in 2002 In response to the escalation of its operations in the southern governorates.
Although Marib is the main stronghold of al Qaeda
The organization recorded no terrorist operations during the past two decades, except in 2007, when its members killed seven Spanish tourists.
Even in 2011, the organization’s eyes were on expansion outside the borders of the governorate, particularly in the south
This prevented the United States from focusing on its activity, which was limited to strengthen ties with tribes and expanding its advocacy. In addition, to taking the desert province a detention area for kidnapped foreigners.
With the war beginning in Yemen in 2015, the organization was part of the factions that supporting the alliance, and this gained it many advantages and limited his activities expansion outside the country.
According to the confessions of Emirati officers, they tried to justify the involvement of al-Qaeda members through Hadi and Transitional forces for a Western press delegation that published reports in the Washington Post and The Independent two years ago.
Al-Qaeda no longer operates underground nor the “single wolf” operations. It became part of Hadi-backed coalition authority, this also gave Saudi Arabia and UAE gains in “fighting terrorism”. But the organization is divided between several internal and external parties. In addition, to their association with “Brotherhood” pushed part of them to move to Marib province, based on a heavy legacy of social relations with some tribes and the authority of Islah in the province. This gave the coalition now an opportunity to target Marib on the pretext of “fighting terrorism”.
The operation may not be limited to drones attacks rather, it may include ground operations aimed at dismantling the tribal society that rejects coalition projects and raised his hand from the country’s national wealth, which had brought to the tribes economic gains, even it was a slight.The presence of Alqaeda in Marib, has several dimensions. On the international level, the presence of the organization will be the target of international intervention, especially the United States. While on the regional level, the Saudi goal of settling Al-Qaeda in the governorate bordering the kingdom is to link the organization’s branches in the Arabian Peninsula. Moreover, reunite them, close together; This will make it easier for Saudi intelligence to manage it. The UAE is also looking at it now as a gateway to destroy the “Brotherhood”,Its media is currently playing on the chord of the head of the Islah branch, Mabkhoot bin Abboud al-Sharif, who killed al-Qaeda leader Qasim al-Rimi on his farm. In addition to transform the house of the leader Ja`abal Tuaiman for the organization’s meetings now. This has always been in favor of Abu Dhabi, which used the organization as a double-edged sword against Islah in Aden and actually succeeded in destroying its broad base.
Contrary to regional goals, the Brotherhood seeks, with their support, for the Saudi Arabia’s candidate to lead the organization, Abu al-Hasan al-Ma’ribi, to Take advantage of the organization’s movements to carry out operations under its cover. Those operations have always given the Brotherhood a secret weapon to liquidate their opponents And keep suspicion away from them.
Away from the goals of the branching powers internally and externally, the people of Marib and their wealth remain the primary goal of moving Al Qaeda in the governorate. Either a tribe objected the looting of oil or gas, or even the passage of locomotives into its territory without protection; It will be targeted on the pretext of “fighting terrorism”. Moreover, her sheikhs will remain persecuted internally and externally with the same malicious charges.

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