Corona epidemic hold the breaths in Yemen

Corona epidemic that has spread in most of the world enhanced the concerns among Yemenis not because they have never experienced a pandemic before rather, they are tired of the deteriorating health situation due to the war and the siege and the ongoing epidemics that claimed many lives.
Exclusive: Al-Khabar AlYemeni
In the historic city of Tarim in Hadramawt valley, east of Yemen it was reported that one person was infected with Corona virus at that time, this ancient city and its inhabitants did not sleep. This forced the local authorities in this governorate, which has one of two airports, and the Saudi- coalition allows crossing through it, to Yemeni lands on almost weekly flights and as it is subject to Saudi forces or acting factions on their behalf, to calm down the city by talking about measures at Sayun airport to reduce the outbreak.

The same scene is repeated in Aden, south of Yemen where the doctors and the Emirates that rule the city through the transitional council that loyal to it prevented from using the major hospital in the city, known as the “AlSadaqah Hospital”, as a quarantine center, to transfer the affected people to the hospital.
Over the past weeks of the announcing the epidemic in countries such as China, the coalition-backed Hadi government took no action, but rather allowed nearly 100 Yemeni students who fled China to enter without examination or quarantine. Even the measures that it was took on the reality of popular pressure did not rise to the level of confronting the epidemic. This is admitted by the director of Aden International Airport, Abdul Raqeeb Al-Omari, who spoke in a television interview saying that the procedures in the airport are not enough to detain an injured person for a few hours. Although the epidemic has finally reached countries bordering Yemen, such as the Sultanate of Oman, which announced the discovery of the first case, Saudi Arabia, not to mention the UAE, which recorded more than 9 cases. In addition, operating flights between Aden and Abu Dhabi and other tourist activities with Socotra Island.
Ignoring the epidemic outbreak and the insisting of Health ministry in Hadi government on claiming that no injuries were recorded, reinforce the accusations of activists against coalition of using epidemics as a biological weapon in his war against Yemenis. Especially as the epidemics have spread during the past two years, Yemenis did not know about it Like cholera, which since its spread in 2017 has claimed the lives of nearly two thousand people and infected about 800 thousand, according to WHO reports, and similar to diphtheria, dengue, western Nile, malaria and swine flu.
Millions of people died between 2017, the date of the epidemics appearance in Yemen. Two years after the coalition failed to make achievements on the ground. Many have suffered in this country, where the World Health Organization confirms that more than 60% of its health facilities are out of service.
Either by direct strikes by coalition aircraft, or by the lack of medicine and the cut of salaries for workers in this sector. However, many Yemenis escaped from those holocausts, which are still sinking the poor country into an epidemic swamp and claiming dozens of innocent lives every day. However, these epidemics, which have caused great harm to many Yemenis, It was a benefit to government officials and international organizations that accused of corruption and looting donor’s money even selling the allocated aid in this sector.Corona may not make a difference for many Yemenis who have suffered from severe acute pneumonia diseases that have swept Yemen cities in the north and south. However, fears of Corona may be linked to the absence of a vaccine. And the absence of health sector infrastructure, In a country that has exposed to hundreds of thousands raids and artillery shelling, and most of its cities became more like “desolation”. In addition to the widespread of corruption epidemic, which drives many officials not to confront the epidemic in its beginning and left it to spread, to attract external support, the last of them is the Minister of Health in the Hadi government Nasser Ba’oom, who media reports talk about receiving a bribe up to one billion riyals for allowing the Emirates to transfer their patients to a quarantine in Yemen. Not to mention, the coalition has used these epidemics as a card to pressure the opposing Yemeni forces.

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