Yemeni women under war: we love life as much as possible

woman is the half of society, and gives birth for the other half in the normal life, in peace and stability case she finds herself forced to be the whole society and in the war time on Yemen and in times of war on Yemen by coalition countries, she forced to be as a father and sometimes the breadwinner of the family.

amal jaber-alkhabaralyemeni:

that woman whose international humanitarian law aims to suffer and alleviate it in wars without any gender of discrimination, It classifies her as having limited problems with armed conflict, such as sexual violence, and risks to its health, as mentioned in the ICRC papers, it seems that international law has forgot much of effects on women in this absurd war by coalition countries. the women became the first and most miserable victim. She is the one who loses a husband, son, or brother. She is the one who dies in a bombing or a wrong raid in one of the displacement camps. She is the housewife who turns into a man and a woman like filling a man’s absence or help him to meet the needs of life that threatened by war in every way.

As for the Yemeni woman, the war made her more than that.

Woman is the price

The coalition war on Yemen, which was believed to be short, and will quickly ended, goes on, as it was not expected, its night extended and it’s dawn have not yet come. And during these four years of barbaric war the Yemeni citizen has suffered from fear, hunger, disease and the unknown, and Yemeni women had its share of this life and suffering.

“Local reports indicate that 30% of war victims in Yemen are children and women. In a human rights report for Ain al-Insania Center, more than 2,352 women were killed during the 1800 days of the war, while 2,713 women were injured.”

The war in Yemen differs from the rest of the wars, the economic coalition war has overburdened the Yemeni citizen and affected all aspects of his life. And it has the most prominent impact on society and women, as the woman found herself in direct confrontation with this war, Many Yemeni families their breadwinner have gone to fighting fronts or they have dead due to the coalition raids and became without breadwinner, leaving the woman to play the role of breadwinner or father in terms of education first and especially with the salaries cut for more than three years, successive crises, high prices, and shortage of gas and oil derivatives, in addition to the economic blockade which struck the Yemeni citizen, and Hadi’s legitimacy had a role in this and transferring  the central bank to Aden with not fulfilling Hadi’s government obligations to many Yemeni employees. As well as the fabricated gas crisis that the capital Sana’a witness it, the information confirms that the legitimacy government is behind it by preventing the consumer share. Women stood in long lines, to fill the gas, made fireworks, and she took her children to school because of father absence, and fear in addition to the high cost of transportation, and went out to fetch water from Sabeel tanks donated by philanthropists on the streets.  as “Intisar Salih,” said she is a housewife, who was practicing sewing as a hobby , in the war, however, she was forced to join a technical institute for professional sewing as a profession to help her husband and support her seven children.

Those who are in college and school age and need a lot of costs. She added that for the first time in her life she went out and stood in line to get aid that was provided by some organizations who refused to hand it over to the husband on the pretext that he could work.

Many alternatives

The heroic stories of Yemeni women facing the war are many it has sought to find alternatives to ease the harshness of this war against it. She used firewood instead of home gas, which its prices has increased tens of times more.

Many women have invested their abilities and skills in handicrafts, textiles, and sewing and sell many products. Other women went out to work and opened their own projects, such as sweets and gifts, bridal stores, and more. These projects have been very successful.

Internet means

With its various programs, the Internet has made it easier for many women to work from home by selling online, display their goods on social media to sell and performing remote courses such as incense and handicraft courses. This method is very popular and has social acceptance as well. Where the owner of the commodity deals with one of the shops to deliver goods to the customers.

War victims

Women are victims of another kind in all wars that take place but in coalition war and aggressive neighbor, she is a human victim may die, or be injured She may lose her family and in the war on Yemen she lost even her femininity. She bears displacement suffering in many areas. Many women lost their family and were subjected to severe complications due to the absence of health care in hospitals, especially during childbirth or because of pregnancy complications.

According to statistics of the United Nations Fund, Yemeni woman dies every two hours due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth in the shadow of the war.

There are girls who were prevented of education or withdrawn from schools and universities because of studying costs in light of this difficult economic situation. among the girls who had to work on fetching water and work on tours and streets for long hours during the day and till the evening.

This is war, it takes the dear and it makes life more difficult it ruin some people’s lives and kill the dreams of many people, turning over the balance. It breaks the balance of customs, traditions, and religion because it gives permit for everything forbidden. It crosses all red lines and prohibitions, and lead the nation to backwards.




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